Have you ever wondered why the police do what they do?
Have you ever read an article in the newspaper and thought something must be wrong with how the police were portrayed?
Have you ever wanted to know more about your local police and how they operate?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are just the person we are looking for.
The Cheektowaga Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy is just right for you. Read on and find out about this exciting opportunity that provides you with a unique education. You will gain firsthand knowledge, understanding, and insight into the day-to-day operations of your local crime fighters.


To provide the Citizens of the Town of Cheektowaga an education in the operations and procedures of their police department.
To make them aware of the Police Officers’ role in the criminal justice system and the officers’ authority and limitations.
To strengthen the bond of the police community relationship and reduce crime.


Applicants must be at least 21 and either residents of the Town of Cheektowaga or employed within the Town of Cheektowaga.
Applicants must apply by completing a CPA Application. The application includes a criminal history check and driver’s license check.
A review of any past interaction with the Cheektowaga Police Department is also conducted to determine the suitability of the student to this program.


The Citizens’ Police Academy is conducted in an interactive classroom setting where the students interact with Cheektowaga Police Officers.
Classes are taught by Cheektowaga Police Officers who have had extensive training and years of experience in their respective specialty.
Classroom instruction will be on the following topics:

*E9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch System
*New York State Penal Law
*Patrol Procedures
*K-9 Demonstration
*Traffic and Accident Investigations
*Recruiting & Training Procedures
*Youth & Family Services
*Detective Bureau
*Internal Affairs
*Crime Scene Investigations
*Family Offenses/Domestic Violence
*Sexual Offenses
*Vice, Gambling & Narcotics
Students will participate in hands-on training in:
*Patrol Ride-A-Long
The 13 week program ends with a graduation ceremony where students are presented a diploma and class photograph.
For more information, contact the Community Crime Prevention Office at 716-897-7293.