What are the Operating Hours of the Police Department?

The uniformed Patrol Division, Traffic Division and Communications Center operate (24) hours a day, (365) days a year. Detectives are available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – midnight.  The Records Division is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4:00pm.

How do I register a complaint about a Police Officer?

Contact any on duty supervisor. Contact may be in person, by phone, or by mail. You may call our front desk at 716-686-3500 and they can put you in contact with the on duty supervisor at that time.

How do I make a report to the police?

Contact the Cheektowaga Police Department’s Communications Center at 911 for emergencies and at 716-686-3500 for non-emergency complaints.

How do I get a copy of an accident or police report?

Reports may be obtained online via crashdocs.org (Accidents Only)
To FOIL a copy of your Police Report, please fill out this form and drop off to the Records Division.

How do I check on the status of my investigation?

You may contact our Detective Bureau at 716-686-3505.

How do I arrange a Station Tour?

Station tours for your organization can be scheduled through our Community Crime Prevention Office by calling 716-897-7293.

How do I get an Order of Protection?

Orders of Protection may be obtained through the Criminal court as part of an arrest, or through Erie County Family Court. You may go to the family court website here.

How do I obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit?

Permits may be obtained through an application process. Please contact Erie County Pistol Permit bureau for more information.

How do I contact the Animal Control Officer?

The Animal Control Officer may be reached by calling 716-686-3525

Does the Police Department do fingerprints for the Public?

No- we do not have fingerprinting available to the public.

How do I register a bicycle?

Registrations can be handled by the Crime Resistance/Crime Prevention unit.

Does the Police Department Unlock Vehicles?

Under certain circumstances, the Cheektowaga Police Department may unlock vehicles. Persons in need of assistance may contact the Police or may directly contact AAA Road Service if they are an AAA member, a wrecker service, or a locksmith. Spare keys may also be obtained from the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.


Can I leave my car parked in the street more than 24 hours?

Parking is hereby prohibited on all Town highways and county roads in the Town of Cheektowaga for a period in excess of 24 consecutive hours.

Can I have tinted windows on my car or truck?

According to the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law under section 375-12, if you have a 1992 or later model year passenger car or station wagon, the side windows adjacent to AND behind the operators seat must have a light transmittance of SEVENTY PERCENT or greater. If you own a vehicle classified by the EPA as a truck or light truck ONLY the area BEHIND the operators seat may be tinted with a tint less than seventy percent. These types of vehicles include but are not limited to: SUVs, Mini Vans, Full size vans and Pick up trucks. All types of vehicles 1992 or later, the windows adjacent to the operators seat must have a light transmittance of seventy percent or greater. If your vehicle is older than a 1992 it must conform to a older V&T section which was a light transmittance of greater than thirty five percent. This section was first written in the 1985 era.

What is light transmittance? If clear glass has a light transmittance of 100 percent, than any type of tint or film that is placed on the glass to impede the outside light from transmitting through the glass to the inside would lessen the light transmittance. If half of the light from the outside is blocked by the tint then the light transmittance would be fifty percent.

  • Rear Windows
    The rear most window can be tinted to any percentage IF the vehicle is equipped with  side rear view mirrors on both sides.
  • Exemptions
    There is a exemption for medical reasons. More information can be obtained at any DMV office.
  • How do the officers measure the tint? Some patrols carry a tint meter that accurately measures the light transmittance.
    For more info check the Laws of New York State website.

Can I cover my license plates with a plastic cover to protect them?

According to the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law under section 402-1, number (license) plates “shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material”.