General Information


Chief of Police David Zack 716-686-3502

Assistant Chief of Police James Speyer 716-686-3993


Administrative Division Captain Scott Pilat 716-686-3934


Patrol Division Captain Michael Sliwinski 716-686-3542

Accident Investigation Lieutenant Steven Berecz716-686-3580


Investigative Division Captain Michael Isbrandt716-686-3545

General Investigative Bureau716-686-3505

Youth and Family Services Lieutenant Scott Prell716-686-3535

Vice, Gambling & Narcotics; Pistol Permits: Lieutenant Tom Gerace716-686-3517

Town Justice Court

Criminal Court716-686-3436

Traffic Court716-686-3435

Small Claims716-686-3459


Cell Block/Booking Room716-686-3514

Non-Emergency/Front Desk716-686-3501

Community Crime Prevention Office716-897-7293

What are the Operating Hours of the Police Department?
How do I register a complaint about a Police Officer?
How do I make a report to the police?
How do I get a copy of an accident or police report?
How do I check on the status of my investigation?
How do I arrange a station tour?
How do I get an Order of Protection?
How do I obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit?
How do I contact the Animal Control Officer?
Does the Police Department do fingerprints for the Public?
How do I register a bicycle?
Does the Police Department Unlock Vehicles?
Will the Police Department tow vehicle from my parking lot?
Can I leave my car parked in the street more than 24 hours?
Can I have tinted windows on my car or truck?
Can I cover my license plates with a plastic cover to protect them?

The uniformed Patrol Division, Traffic Division and Communications Center operate (24) hours a day, (365) days a year. Detectives are available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – midnight. The Records Division is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4:00pm.

Contact any on duty supervisor. Contact may be in person, by phone, or by mail. You may call our front desk at 716-686-3500 and they can put you in contact with the on duty supervisor at that time.

Contact the Cheektowaga Police Department’s Communications Center at 911 for emergencies and at 716-686-3500 for non-emergency complaints.

Reports may be obtained online via (Accidents Only) To FOIL a copy of your Police Report, please fill out this form and drop off to the Records Division.

You may contact our Detective Bureau at 716-686-3505.

Station tours for your organization can be scheduled through our Community Crime Prevention Office by calling 716-897-7293.

Orders of Protection may be obtained through the Criminal court as part of an arrest, or through Erie County Family Court. You may go to the family court website here.

Permits may be obtained through an application process. Please contact Erie County Pistol Permit bureau for more information. Pistol Permit Website How to Apply for a Permit

The Animal Control Officer may be reached by calling 716-686-3525

No- we do not have fingerprinting available to the public.

Registrations can be handled by contacting the Bike Patrol Unit/Afternoon Patrol Lieutenant.

Under certain circumstances, the Cheektowaga Police Department may unlock vehicles. Persons in need of assistance may contact the Police or may directly contact AAA Road Service if they are an AAA member, a wrecker service, or a locksmith. Spare keys may also be obtained from the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.

Parking is hereby prohibited on all Town highways and county roads in the Town of Cheektowaga for a period in excess of 24 consecutive hours.

According to the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law under section 375-12, if you have a 1992 or later model year passenger car or station wagon, the side windows adjacent to AND behind the operators seat must have a light transmittance of SEVENTY PERCENT or greater. If you own a vehicle classified by the EPA as a truck or light truck ONLY the area BEHIND the operators seat may be tinted with a tint less than seventy percent. These types of vehicles include but are not limited to: SUVs, Mini Vans, Full size vans and Pick up trucks. All types of vehicles 1992 or later, the windows adjacent to the operators seat must have a light transmittance of seventy percent or greater. If your vehicle is older than a 1992 it must conform to a older V&T section which was a light transmittance of greater than thirty five percent. This section was first written in the 1985 era.
What is light transmittance? If clear glass has a light transmittance of 100 percent, than any type of tint or film that is placed on the glass to impede the outside light from transmitting through the glass to the inside would lessen the light transmittance. If half of the light from the outside is blocked by the tint then the light transmittance would be fifty percent. Rear Windows
The rear most window can be tinted to any percentage IF the vehicle is equipped with side rear view mirrors on both sides. Exemptions There is a exemption for medical reasons. More information can be obtained at any DMV office. How do the officers measure the tint? Some patrols carry a tint meter that accurately measures the light transmittance. For more info check the Laws of New York State website.

According to the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law under section 402-1, number (license) plates “shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material”.


The Cheektowaga Police Department is committed to solving every crime that is reported. Having support from the community often makes that task easier to complete. If you have surveillance cameras at your location and would like to notify us that they exist, please complete the form below. This information WILL NOT BE POSTED PUBLICLY. It will strictly be stored internally at the Police Department and shared with the Erie Crime Analysis Center. Unless a crime occurs in your area, you will never be contacted regarding your security. If a crime does occur, an Officer may call or email you and ask that you check your video for possible assistance in the case. Thank You for your continued support!

Any questions may be directed to our Community Crime Prevention Office at 716-897-7293.

  • Please Enter Business name or Person name
  • Location Address
  • Please enter your zip code
  • Please enter a contact number to call if we have to speak with someone to check your cameras.

If your vehicle was towed as a result of Police action, you may need a release.

Police Action may include:

  • Arrest
  • Traffic Ticket (such as not being inspected)
  • Parking Ticket (such as parking over 24 hours)
  • Suspended or Non-Registered Vehicle
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Traffic Accident (Release may not be required if released at scene by Officer)

Prior to attempting retrieval of your car, you MUST stop at the Front Desk of the Police Station to obtain a release.

You will need to bring:

  1. Proper ID
  2. Proof of Vehicle Ownership
  3. Proof of Valid Insurance on the Vehicle

The Following Towers are uses by the Town of Cheektowaga for Police Towing:

Kwitzers Collision
2514 Harlem Rd

Millers Towing
3214 Genesee St

Suburban Collision / Royal Towing
2288 William St
894-0163 / 896-2829

Davron Collision
2425 Broadway

Rusiniaks Towing
2210 Old Union Rd

First Choice Auto
840 Cayuga Creek Rd

Towing Offices are staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays 9:00am to 12:00 noon. They are closed Sundays and legal holidays. Phone numbers for twenty-four hour retrieval are posted. Fee schedule is as follows; all fees are before applicable NYS taxes have been added by the Tower:

1. Passenger vehicles and light trucks (up to 10,000 lbs GVW), including motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs:

A. Standard Tow or flatbed service: $132

B. Additional fees for labor, recovery, winching:

i. truck with driver, one-quarter-hour increments: $30

ii. truck with driver, full hour $132

C. Administrative fee (letter fee): $25

D. Storage per 24 hour day: $35

2. Medium Duty Tow (10,001 lbs to 25,999 lbs GVW)

A. Hourly rate:$180

B. Additional laborer(s): $79 per hour per person

C. Storage per 24 hour day: $50

3. Heavy Duty Tow (26,000 lbs and up GVW)

A. Hourly rate: $295

B. Additional laborer(s): $79 per hour per person

C. Storage per 24 hour day: $50

4. Clean up of debris from roadway for accidents:

A. Labor: $25 per 1/2 hour

B. Speedy Dry (per bag): $9.95

C. Disposal of Contaminated Material (if more than three bags): 20% above market price

5. After Hours Release

A. Releasing vehicles or belongings from vehicles after 5:00 pm on weekdays or other than regular business hours on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: $72 per hour

B. After-hours releases will be arranged by appointment only between the towing company and the patron.

From November 1st thru April 1st it is illegal to park a vehicle on most of the streets in the town during the hours of 1:00 am to 6:00 am. Violators may be subject to a twenty five dollar fine. The Village of Sloan has a slightly different ordinance. Vehicles are prohibited from parking from November, 15 thru April 1st between the hours of 2:00 am and 7:00am.

The Town of Cheektowaga Police Department also would like to remind private commercial snow plow drivers that a permit is necessary to plow in the Town of Cheektowaga for both public lots and private driveways. Plowing permits are available at Cheektowaga Town Hall.

What Streets are exempt from the Overnight Parking Ban?

Section 235-52 of the Town Code lists the streets.

What number do I call to report a violation of the Snow Ban?

Please call 716-686-3501 while the violation is occurring.What does the ticket cost?

A snow ban violation may result in a $25 fine.

What number should I call to report a street light that is out?

Please call 716-686-3450 to report street light outages


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Welcome to the Cheektowaga Police Department’s Web Site. We are proud to be a New York State Accredited Agency. The Town of Cheektowaga Police Department was established in 1932 to serve and protect the community. It has evolved from a department of eleven, to today’s 130 sworn officers who respond to over 50,000 calls for service annually; making it one of the busiest town agencies in New York State. The Town is approximately 30 square miles, with a population of nearly 89,000 residents which can increase to over 200,000 during the day, due to our large retail, transportation and commercial areas.

Our Police Department takes a proactive approach to addressing the needs of the Town’s citizens; from crime to quality of life issues. This is evident daily, from foot patrols to bicycle and segway units, to our Crime Resistance Bureau.

Please enjoy our web site, which can acquaint you with each division of the Department and its primary functions. Also, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

The next test will be offered on November 19 2016. Applications were due by October 12, 2016 and entry to this test is now closed.

Take the Test

The Cheektowaga Police Department hires only from the Erie County Civil Service list. The Civil Service test for Police Officer is given every three years. The candidate must not have reached his/her 35th birthday on or before the date of the written examination. More information is available from the Erie County Website.

  • To prepare for the civil service test, New York State offers a Test Guide and a Frequently Asked Questions section, available by clicking HERE.

Pre-Employment Training Option

  • For those who are interested in law enforcement as a career, Erie Community College offers a Police Basic Training Program. This program is part of the same Police Academy that sworn Police Officers attend. Graduates of this program, if hired, do not need to attend the full Police Academy; but instead go through a “Phase II” training that is completed in just a few weeks. More information is available by clicking HERE.

Pass the Written Test

  • Those who pass the Police Officer test are placed on the list for the Police Department in the City or Town in which they live. Candidates must live anywhere in Erie County to be placed on the list for Cheektowaga Police. (Effective March 2016). There is no minimum amount of time a candidate must live at an address before he or she can use it on the application. Candidates must move into Cheektowaga within 6 months of being hired. Those candidates for other jurisdictions who move to a new Town or City must change their address through Erie County Civil Service. Currently, Erie County makes address changes effective the 15th of the month following the date of the address change application. Any updates to this will be noted in the link below. The change of address form is available by clicking HERE.

Score Well

  • After Erie County mails out test scores, they also will schedule physical agility tests for candidates passing and scoring high enough on the written test.
  • Once test results are received, and the Department is ready to begin the hiring process, eligible candidates are selected by their test score. Candidates are sent a canvass letter by the Town, to see if they are still interested in the position. If more than one candidate has the same score, all candidates at that scoring level receive a canvass letter. The Department is required to hire one of the top three candidates, if more than three candidates have the same score all are considered equal as the “top three”. Below is a link to the applicable Civil Service Law; CSL § 61.1, CSR § 3.6, 4.2

Physical Agility Standards

Sit Up: Muscular endurance (core body)- The score indicated below is the number of bent-leg sit-ups performed in one minute.

Push-up: Muscular endurance (upper body)- The score indicated below is the number of full body repetitions that a candidate must complete without breaks.

1.5 Mile Run: Cardiovascular capacity- The (time) score indicated below is calculated in minutes:seconds.

Age Sit Up Push Up 1.5 Mile Run
Males 20-29 38 29 12:38
30-39 35 24 12:58
Females 20-29 32 15 14:50
30-39 25 11 15:43


Background Investigation and Hiring Requirements

  • Those who indicate on their canvass letter that they are interested in the Police Officer job will undergo a thorough background investigation. This includes verifying that the candidate has the required education:
  1. Completion of 60 semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university at the time of appointment; OR
  2. Completion of 30 semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university and completion of one year of active duty military service at the time of appointment; OR
  3. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (a) and (b).
  • In addition, a background check for the Cheektowaga Police Department includes, but is not limited to:

Extensive application, which includes detailing personal interests

Full criminal history, Finger Print Check, Driver’s License Check, Credit check, Interviews with all former employers, Interviews with family and friends

Interviews with former neighbors, partners, etc.

Drug Test, Social Media check, Pre- and Post- employment offer Psychological Exam, Polygraph Exam, Personal Interview

  • Documents required for the Background Investigation include, but are not limited to:

Birth certificate, Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Selective Service registration/Military Discharge, Marriage Certificate, Transcripts from High School and College, Diplomas from High School and College, Credit Report

Tattoo Policy

In order to preserve a professional appearance and promote confidence in us from the public which we serve, the Cheektowaga Police has adopted an official tattoo and body piercing policy.

Body Piercing / uniformed employees:

While on duty uniformed employees will not have visible body piercing jewelry, including all facial and tongue piercing, with the exception of ear piercing for female uniformed employees as outlined previously. This includes any body piercing visible through the uniform or clothing.

Tattoos / uniformed employees:

A uniformed employee will not have any tattoos, body art or branding on the head, face, neck, scalp or hands. Any visible tattoo, body art or branding that is obscene, advocates or symbolizes gangs or extremist groups, drug use, or sexual or racial discrimination are not permitted. While on duty, excessive tattooing, body art or branding shall not be exposed or visible (including through uniform or clothing). Excessive is defined as exceeding one third of the exposed body part.

Candidates will be screened during processing at which time a determination will be made as to whether an applicant is in violation of the policy. If a candidate is found to be in violation then that person will have the option of having the tattoo or the visible portion thereof, removed at their own expense. If a candidate expresses a willingness to have this done, then their application will be placed on hold until the process is completed.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the hiring and selection process lieutenant.

Final Hiring Steps

  • For those who pass the background investigation and interview process, an offer of employment may be made.
  • Those who are hired who already have the Police Basic Training will go through a Phase II of Academy training, in the proficiencies not included in the Police Basic course. Those who are hired without this Program will attend the Erie County Central Police Services Training Academy. The Academy is run twice a year; and lasts approximately 20 weeks. It encompasses all NYS mandated topics for Police Training, which includes NYS Penal and Criminal Procedure Law, Physical Fitness training and testing, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and much more. Minimum passing scores are required for every subject area.
  • Once Academy requirements are fulfilled, new officers enter the Cheektowaga Police Department Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. This intense, 16 week program prepares a new officer to work a solo assignment in a safe, skillful, productive and professional manner. Recruit officers are graded every day, on every action they take. The program begins with one week of administrative and practical training. It then moves to five, three week phases during which recruit officers work under the guidance and supervision of Field Training Officers. Every Field Training Officer is New York State certified to be a training officer. These officers guide and supervise recruit officers as they answer calls, learn Departmental policies and procedures; and eventually function as a single officer. The program builds on the foundation of knowledge given at the police academy, creating an environment in which the recruit officer develops new skills as well as increases proficiency in those acquired in the academic setting.

Hiring Steps

Take the Test

Pre-Employment Training

Pass the Test

Score Well


Final Hiring Steps