The Cheektowaga Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit was started in 1993. Modeled after the Seattle Police Department’s Bicycle Patrol Unit, the goals of this unit are to make officers more approachable to our residents, and provide an alternative patrol method. Bicycle Patrol Officers may be seen patrolling the entire Town and focusing their patrols in the Town parks, during all three shifts. They are also often utilized during special events, parades and festivals due to their increased mobility.

The unit is made up of twenty-eight (28) specially trained officers under the command of a patrol Lieutenant. The training consists of a week-long initial certification, currently taught by officers from the University of Buffalo Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit. Additionally, officers receive an annual in-house refresher training each year.

Officers assigned to the unit ride specially designed police mountain bikes. They are also equipped with high visibility bike patrol uniforms and safety equipment including helmets and gloves.

In 2008, the Department received two Segways, which are two-wheeled, motorized personal vehicles. The Segways provide another form of transportation for the officers, which, like the bicycles, present the officers in a more approachable and mobile manner than a regular patrol car.