Crime Scene Investigation Unit


The Crime Scene Investigation Unit (CSI) is made up of six Police Detectives and a Detective Lieutenant. Two of the detectives work CSI full time and the other four assist when necessary. The two full time members are extensively trained and certified in many areas of forensic work including digital photography, videography and the collection and preservation of evidence. CSI Detectives photograph and process all major crime scenes. Processing of crime scenes can include the collection of DNA evidence, blood evidence, latent fingerprint evidence, foot and tire impressions, video evidence, laser trajectory work and more. Unit detectives utilize numerous components of high tech equipment to assist them in their forensic investigations. Full time CSI detectives are also Certified Level 3 Fingerprint Examiners, the highest level attainable in NYS. Latent fingerprints are collected at the scene, brought back to the department lab where they are enhanced, analyzed and then checked against the Statewide Automated Biometric Identification System. Many of the major crimes that occur in Cheektowaga each year are solved through the forensic investigations conducted by the CSI Unit.