Training and Personnel Development 

The Training and Personnel Development Division handles all internal and external training. This unit ensures that all officers receive their NYS Accreditation mandated 21 hours of training annually. In addition, the Training Unit is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative programs. Officers are often sent out of state to receive cutting edge training; and nationally and internationally known trainers are brought here to train the entire Department as well. Training is conducted in a variety of ways, from one on one in person, to group settings, to online. Officers receive training annually in many areas such as firearms, legal updates, policy and procedure; and training based on current events and emerging topics. The Training Unit also administers the Field Training Program (FTO). This intense, fifteen week program prepares new hires to be Cheektowaga Police Officers. Recruits are guided by experienced and specially trained senior officers and are graded daily in over 50 different areas. The unit is headed by a Lieutenant and supported by a full-time Tactical Training Sergeant and Tactical Training Officers on every shift. These officers administer firearms training, which is run throughout the year. They also train officers in many topics and use a firearms simulator system to augment and reinforce firearms, policy, and legal update training. The Cheektowaga Police Department currently has over forty (40) officers at every rank certified as NYS General Topics Instructors, so that in-house training can be presented by the most qualified instructors and tailored to the audience.