The Vice, Gambling and Narcotics Unit (VGN) investigates all aspects of investigations involving the sale and possession of controlled substances, gambling offenses and prostitution. VGN interacts routinely with other local and federal law enforcement agencies as well as with members of the community as it conducts local and regional narcotics investigations and prepares and coordinates all phases of criminal asset forfeiture and seizure

VGN also investigates violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and makes referrals to the State Liquor Authority regarding licensed premises. It is also responsible for the enforcement of games of chance, bell jar tickets and raffles. The unit conducts an investigation of each event before the issuance of licenses to authorize legal gambling by certain non-profit organizations. An on-site inspection is conducted to ensure games are conducted within the rules and regulations of the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. This inspection also serves to identify persons who cheat or rig the games to pay out in their favor.

VGN investigates and recommends approval or disapproval of pistol permit applications for Town residents. A thorough background check is completed for each applicant including interviews of applicants and their character references. Any police report or arrest concerning the applicant is examined before recommendation for approval is made to the Erie County Pistol Permit Bureau.