Youth Citizens Police Academy

Cheektowaga Police Department

Youth Citizens Police Academy

                The Town of Cheektowaga Police Department’s Youth Citizens Police Academy is a program for high school students considering a law enforcement career at the local, county, state or federal level.  The primary purpose of the academy is to acquaint the students with the various functions of the Town of Cheektowaga Police Department; the students will also discover the minimum qualification, training requirements and daily responsibilities of other county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies through guest speakers and tours of their facilities.  Students will view actual pictures and video of crime and accident scenes, have the opportunity to take the actual physical fitness test required for Police Officers, can be exposed to the TASER, and will take part in the Firearms Training Simulator and shoot the Cheektowaga Police standard issued handgun.  In addition to the regular scheduled sessions, students will ride with an Officer for an 8-hour tour of duty and participate in a courtroom observation.

The 3-week academy will be held in summer 2017. Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon at the Town of Cheektowaga Police Department, 3223 Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14227.  A graduation ceremony will be held following the completion of the academy.  Family and friends are welcome to attend.

Parental consent is required for students to participate in the academy.  All applicants must successfully complete a background investigation and interview.  Completed Applications must be submitted to the Cheektowaga Police Department by Friday, May 5th, 2017. Any questions or if you would like more information please contact Officer Paul Nazzarett at 716-897-7293.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Students, whether attending the academy or during off-training hours, will NOT engage in conduct unbecoming a member of the academy.
    1. All contact with a law enforcement agency during the off-training hours MUST be reported to the training coordinator as early as possible at the very next training day.
  2. Professional demeanor will be maintained at ALL
  3. Students are expected to attend ALL classes, only absence for a legal excuse will be permitted. Any unauthorized absence or legal absence exceeding two (2) days will result in dismissal from the academy.  In the event of a legal absence, the Police Department Youth Academy coordinator must be notified to the absence by 8:00am that day (897-7293)
  4. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Each class starts at 9:00 am.
  5. Students are expected to come to class prepared for scheduled lessons and will bring with them, all necessary materials. Keep all discussions to a minimum while a presenter is presenting and while other classmates are asking questions.
  6. Expect to participate. Each student should be able to contribute something to the discussions. Every presenter encourages questions.
  7. Clothing: You will be provided two (2) Police Academy shirts. You are expected to wear one of these shirts for each class.  Shorts are allowed, but must be an appropriate length (not too short).  NO jeans shorts, NO skirts/dresses (certain classes may require physical activity) NO jeans.
  8. NO WEAPONS. Weapons of any kind are NOT allowed at any time.  DO NOT bring one.
  9. Cell phones must be turned off during class.
  10. ID cards and Tent card – ID card must be worn at all times, please display your tent card for the presenters.
  11. Notebooks are required for every class.


  1. All ride-a-long participants are required to wear appropriate attire. Dress comfortably.

NO shorts, miniskirts, or tank tops will be allowed.

  1. Ride-a-long will wear a department issued identification card.
  1. Ride-a-long will wear safety belts at all times
  1. No ride-a-long is authorized to carry a weapon during the ride-a-long program.
  1. No cameras or recording devices of any kind are permitted on a ride-a-long except with permission of the Chief of Police or his designee.
  1. Ride-a-long may leave the patrol vehicle and accompany the Officer on calls for service only when permitted by their assigned officer.
  1. Ride-a-long will follow the instructions of the assigned Officer or any other officer at all times without delay. An explanation may be given after the incident is concluded and the scene is cleared.
  1. Ride-a-long will not address victims, complainants, witnesses, or prisoners without permission from their assigned Officer.
  1. In no way will the ride-a-long interfere with the handling of a situation by an officer.
  1. It may be required to drop the ride-a-long off at a safe location if the Officer is required to respond to a dangerous situation; the ride-a-long must remain at this safe location until picked up by another Officer.
  1. Shift commanders may cancel or terminate the ride-a-long for any reason.
  1. A waiver of liability and an acknowledgement of the rules and regulations of the ride-a-long program will be signed by the participant before a ride-a-long is permitted.

Please click here for Youth Application.

Download a copy of these Rules and Regulations Here