Accident Investigation Unit (Traffic Unit)

The Accident Investigation Unit provides technical expertise to the department in the areas of accident investigation, drunk and/or impaired driving detection and arrest and the operation of speed detection Doppler and Laser Radar. This unit is responsible for the investigation of all serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents that occur within the town. We also investigate citizen complaints of speeding vehicles, illegal parking and other traffic related issues.

Speed and Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Unit’s primary responsibility is the enforcement speeding and other traffic regulations. Officers use K-Band radar and LiDAR Laser on the residential streets and the main roadways that go through the Town of Cheektowaga. Officers try to concentrate their enforcement efforts at the busier locations or known problems to make the streets of Cheektowaga safer for the residents and visitors.

Accident Investigation

Officers within the Traffic Unit possess varying skill levels of accident investigation that range from Advanced Investigator to Accident Reconstructionist. The Traffic Unit Investigators are relied upon to investigate fatal and serious injury accidents. The Traffic Unit utilizes the Total Station which is an electronic measuring device and Trimble Forensics Reveal accident reconstruction software. The Traffic Unit also responds to most property damage only accidents (PDO) where officers will complete an information exchange form for the involved drivers.

Hit and Run Investigations

Each year there are many hit and run accidents within the Town of Cheektowaga. The Traffic Unit will follow up on those cases with any leads. This follow-up includes interviewing witnesses and people involved in the accident, reviewing surveillance cameras of where accidents may have occurred, examining the physical evidence left at the scene of the accident, and other investigative methods.

Motorcycle Unit

The Traffic Unit is responsible for maintaining and event planning for our two 2011 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles. The Motorcycle unit was founded in 1929. Currently there are 7 members in the Motorcycle unit including officers from the Patrol Division and the Traffic Unit. Officers use the motorcycles during their regular shifts and for special events. The motorcycle unit can be seen in parades as well as many WNY community events along with motorcycles units from other Police agencies. The Motorcycle Unit has also participated as official escorts for victim’s families during the annual Police Week in Washington D.C.

Crossing Guards

The Traffic Unit is responsible for the crossing guards that work at all 4 school districts located within the town. Currently there are 11 crossing guards that work part time crossing students at busy intersections. The crossing guards ensure safe passage to those students that walk to their schools.


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