Please contact us via the phone numbers below via phone:

  • POLICE REPORTS 716-686-3945
  • BACKGROUND CHECKS 716-686-3945
  • ACCIDENT RECORDS 716-686-3512
  • PROPERTY 716-686-3513
  • SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY 716-686-3544
  • TOW RELEASE/IMPOUND 716-686-3510
  • REPORTING CRIMES 716-686-3510

Property Return will be done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call our Clerk at 686-3513 to schedule your appointment.

Additionally, some of these requests can be done online 24/7 by completing our Records Request Form below.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Your request for paperwork can be made below. Please be aware, Police Reports, Traffic Reports and Background checks will be released pursuant to Article 87 of the NYS Public Officers Law (access to agency records). Thank you.

  • Please include the incident number provided by the Police Officer who arrived at your call if you know it. It looks like XX-XXXXXX. For Accidents, this is the "Local Code."
  • Please include exact addresses if known.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.