Operational Changes for Police and Courts

TRAFFIC COURT originally scheduled for Thursday March 26th is cancelled and will be rescheduled.


Supervisor Benczkowski has declared a State of Emergency in the town of Cheektowaga over the COVID-19 Virus. Please don’t panic.

What is a State of Emergency and why is it in place?

Declaring a State of Emergency makes additional resources available. It does NOT specifically mean there is an immediate threat. Towns and Villages will often declare a State of Emergency when the affected County, State or Federal Government declare one- as it allows for additional resources, such as snowplows or medical supplies- to be shared or borrowed as needed. It also may allow for special purchasing and reimbursements following the event.

What has changed with the Police?

The Cheektowaga Police Department would like to ensure our residents that we are ready to continue to respond to calls for service in the town. We have made some operational changes that we would like the public to be aware of.

  1. If you call our dispatch and need the police, fire or ambulance to respond to your home, you will be asked a couple screening questions. These questions are intended to help our first responders remain healthy and ready to respond to the next call for service.
  2. If you are calling to report a crime that is not in progress, has no follow up and there is no evidence to collect, you will be asked to provide a phone number and an Officer will call you to take the report over the phone. We are prohibiting visitors to our headquarters and ask that you only come to our station if it is essential.This is an unprecedented situation that is constantly changing. We are working closely with the health professionals and will continue to provide professional emergency services to the residents and visitors of Cheektowaga. We urge our citizens to follow the guidelines suggested by the Erie County Health Department. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What has changed with the Court?

Town Justices James J. Speyer and David M. Stevens have cancelled all court appearances for the next 45 days. Essential proceedings that include arraignments and orders of protection will be handled at Erie County Court, Part 27, which is located in the basement at 25 Delaware Ave (West side entrance of building) / 95 Franklin St (east side entrance of building), in the City of Buffalo. Hours of Operation there are 8:00 am through 5:00 pm. Arraignments are still being worked out. If you have any questions, please call: (716) 686-3436

Change in Station Operations-

Our FRONT DESK and RECORDS WINDOW is closed until further notice.

**If ** you stop at the Police Station for any reason, there is a phone in the lobby and information on how to proceed with your need. All Clerks will still be working remotely and do their best to attend to your needs.

  • POLICE REPORTS 716-686-3521
  • BACKGROUND CHECKS 716-686-3945
  • ACCIDENT RECORDS 716-686-3512
  • PROPERTY 716-686-3513
  • SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY 716-686-3544
  • TOW RELEASE/IMPOUND 716-686-3510
  • REPORTING CRIMES 716-686-3510

If you prefer to make your request electronically- Please click HERE to go to the webform request.