{Consisting of both the Cheektowaga Police Department SWAT Team and the Cheektowaga Police Department Tactical Support Unit}

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Cheektowaga Police Department Tactical Unit is to save life and protect property.

Tactical Support Unit

  •  The Cheektowaga Police Department’s Tactical Unit (SWAT) responds to incidents of a high risk nature that involve the need for specialized training and equipment. The Tactical Unit operates as a coordinated unit as it attempts to resolve these situations without injury or loss of life. In situations that threaten life due to the actions of the suspect(s), the mission shall be one of protecting the lives of innocent citizens and the police.


  • The SWAT Team is the Tactical Unit component that has direct tactical capabilities. It is composed of Team Members who are assigned to complete essential tasks in support of the Units Mission. Team Members are selected from Sworn Cheektowaga Police Officers who have completed the Erie County Basic Course for Police Officers and the Cheektowaga Police Department Field Training Program and have 5 or more years of experience.
  • Applicants are chosen according to a Selection Process that test physical fitness, marksmanship and performance under stress, with final selection approval by the Chief of Police. After selection, Officers are sent to specialized SWAT training.
  • The Tactical Support Team provides Negotiations, Communications and Logistical Support to the Tactical Unit. It consists of Police Officers and non-sworn support personnel such as Public Safety Dispatchers, and Traffic Maintenance employees.
  • Support Team Negotiators support the Tactical Units mission by gathering intelligence, establishing communications, and facilitating peaceful resolution of high risk incidents through negotiation whenever possible.


The Tactical Unit is deployed in Emergency and Non-Emergency situations. Emergency Situations are defined as incidents that are typically of an emergent nature, where the department is required to respond with little to no advance notice of the situations occurrence. Non-Emergency Situations are defined as incidents where the department would typically have advance notice of a situations occurrence, or the planned execution of a Police Operation.

Examples of Emergency Situations Include:

  • Whenever a sniper situation exists.
  • Whenever a suspect has taken a hostage.
  • Whenever a suspect is barricaded and presumed armed.
  • Incident of Civil Disturbance as authorized by the COP.
  • Whenever a search for an armed suspect is conducted and circumstances dictate the need for specialized weapons or tactics.
  • When requested to assist other agencies as stated above as authorized by the COP.
  • Whenever an active shooter incident is in progress.
  • Terrorism response.
  • Any incident as authorized by the COP.

Examples of Non-Emergency Situations Include:

  • Conducting a raid, serving a high-risk warrant or making an arrest in a high-risk situation.
  • Assisting in a search or rescue operation when there is a high degree of risk or there are circumstances requiring special tactics.
  • VIP and dignitary protection.  (Including but not limited to presidential escorts.)
  • Crowd control at large gatherings where a potential for civil disturbance conditions exists.
  • Special events where a large number of people may congregate.
  • Whenever a potentially dangerous situation exists and the use of the Tactical Unit is authorized by the COP.
  • When authorized by the COP, whenever any other agency requests assistance in any of the listed situations.


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